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Monday, 13 July 2015

Website designing: a tool to promote your business

Ecommerce, nowadays, is on the rise. So having a website for your business has become quite essential. Undoubtedly, website is an interface between you and your target audience. It enables to reach a large number of audiences at a single click and helps to mark your presence at the global front.
Broadly, designing a website includes formation of different web pages interlinked to one another. Websites are further classified under two categories namely static and dynamic design. While the Static web design is entirely based on HTML coding, the Dynamic website design is assembled with finer and advanced technologies as per the information given in the database. The entire look and feel of the website should be such that it immediately entices the visitor. The content of the website should be informative and attractive.
The website should always be designed by professional web designers who have the knack for designing website by putting forward the best of their skills. This builds a suitable gateway that converts most of the visitors into eventual buyers.

Leave all your website designing and maintenance concerns to Gleam Technologies, the best Website Designing Services provider in Neyveli. By opting Gleam Technologies you can avail unmatched facilities like %100 Responsive Layout, HTML5 / CSS3 / JS, Rich Layout Options, Web Hosting Account, 1 Year Service Agreement and more. The different areas of web design include interface design, web graphic design, standardized code, authoring etc. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Software development: the bequest of science

Software development relates to the computer programming, testing, documenting, and fixing bugs while creating and upholding applications and their frameworks implicated in a software release cycle which later turns into a software product. Rightly stated, that the success of every business relies on the speed with which it adapts the advantage of technical development in the concerned field. Software development is all inclusive of execution of a systematic approach, characterized in the engineering archetype. Deployment starts right away once the code is fittingly tested, permitted for release, and sold or else distributed into production settings. The entire process engages the customization (by setting parameters to the clientele values), installation, testing, and maybe an extended time of evaluation.
Software development processes involves several activities, particularly the following:
·         Requirements Analysis
·         Specification
·         Software architecture
·         Implementation
·         Testing
·         Documentation
·         Training and Support
·         Maintenance

With the emerging popularity of software development, Custom software development has also come into being. Custom software development is concerned with developing software in accordance with the specific prerequisite of client. Custom software is just what client necessitates and it sets well into all expectations of client for expanding the business.  Gleam Technology is reckoned as one of the leading software development service providers in India. It develops all sorts of software in diverse platforms such as Php, java, .net, etc., with database management as per the client’s requirement.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Benefits of Website Marketing! Lighten Up

In the modern competitive world a well presented website is expected to explain the products and services offered by most of the business firms and organizations. A well designed website provides several marketing benefits.

A website can also allow online transactions, from simple enquiry requests, through change of detail processing to advanced functions such as supply change management. Some of the benefits of website marketing are:
The primary reason behind the website marketing is to increase product awareness among the consumer group. When customers browse the web or perform internet searches, they come across the business name or logo and become interested in what the company has to offer. It can easily meet the changing demands of modern advertising and marketing.
By getting involved in the website marketing, a firm can keep up with the ever-changing technology of online purchase and marketing. It will help in driving the traffic to a business’s website.
These days, a sharp increase has been noticed in the online purchases. Business firms can capitalize on this convenience by providing consumers an instant access to products and information with the help of website marketing.
Website Marketingis one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising the products and services. The costs associated to establishe an online presence are minimal when compared to the costs of traditional forms of advertising.

With the increase in the number of visitors to company’s website will attract more sales and generate more interest in the product becomes. The website marketing services of ‘Gleam Technology’ can help in generating more revenue for businesses and an excellent return on the firm’s investment.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

If it's Software development for business firms's it's got to be good

With the fast changing working environment of the business organizations, a trend has been noticed in the form of sophisticated and techno savvy working environment. Many companies are rejecting their traditional style of working by adopting the latest technologies. In order to accomplish this transformation these business firms are extensively replacing the human work with the computer work.

This has made them to develop the software which may help their business to perform efficiently and effectively. Apart from flourishing your business a software development has several other benefits such as:
Software development can prove to be the cost effective idea for the growth of the business firms. It caters to the technological requirements and needs of the firm and helps in carrying out the desired tasks.
It also gives the competitive advantage to the business firms, by providing flexible and need based services in order to attract more customers. Software development increases the value of the company and provides good results in the terms of increased profitability.
Software development covers a number of fields which involves many complicated operations being carried on in many large industries. It has become the key for producing a need based solution for the technology based companies.
With the increased use of computer to perform various job related work, the demand for the software development has also been increased. Many organizations are taking help of different software applications and programs to simplify their complex work process.

As the IT sector has become more powerful and more standardized, the need for software development services is more required to the business organizations. Software developed by ‘Gleam Technologies’ allows an organization to automate its business and increase the productivity with less effort.

Monday, 20 April 2015

work form home, beginning of a new era

There are thousands of people who might be looking for ways to create additional income by working from home. Today’s world of computers and high speed internet access mean new choices and good paying options for thousands of people who want the flexibility and convenience of careers that don’t require commuting to an office.
Many individuals can get benefitted by working from home. Some of them are:
Stay at home parent
Stay-at-home parent, feel limited for doing jobs because of the child’s needs. Working from home will help them in fulfilling childcare responsibilities as well as in generating a nice tidy sum that will help out with their finances.
Retired seniors
It is incredibly hard to find employment for the retired persons due to the age and health factor. Online jobs could be the best option to bring in income and to remain engaged for the retired persons.
Individuals with disability
Working from home is a popular choice for many people with a disability. It can be much simpler to work something flexible at home than to deal with whatever limitations your disability may cause at office or other place for work.
Taking on a part-time work from home job while pursuing a degree is hard work, but the benefits are typically greater than the amount of a paycheck for the college students. By getting engaged in online jobs, they can get an exposure to the professional world.
Gleam Technologies Neyveli offers excellent job opportunities to earn money online for people seeking flexible job hours to work from home.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Gleam technologies: If it's website designing's it's got to be good

company’s website is the prime medium to appeal to its customer group. Having your website designed in an attractive and intelligent manner can make your business grow by reaching wider market. In today’s world, a website is undeniably essential in order to succeed in competitive market. Each business wants to make a splash on the web by showcasing its various products and services via aptly designed website.
Some of the key features of website designing are:
  • Web presence has become the latest strategy which companies are adopting in order to cater all the business related information to their clients, just through a click.
  • Web designers can develop the structure of your official website in an organized form which facilitates smooth navigation and fetch a pleasant experience to the visitors.
  • Website designing can prove to be the most lucrative way to increase the ROI of your business by gradually increasing the traffic, organic ranks and sales.
  • Website designing and development can give a professional outlook to your website by altering its layout, color, content and navigation style.
With the growing competition, website designing done with the help of specialist or professionals has become the need of every business. Availing the services of website designing and development from Gleam technologiescan prove to be a profitable investment. We also offer online jobs in Tamil Nadu for projects outsourcing.
For More details related to Online jobs in Tamil Nadu or for availing our website designing services, visit:http://gleamtechindia.com/project_outsourcing.html

Saturday, 21 March 2015

BPO- A perfect strategy to maximize profit

Gleam Technologies: The Business Process Outsourcing market is growing tremendously in the country and its cost effective nature is the driving force behind this exceptional growth. The availability of technically skilled manpower makes it easier for the multinational companies to outsource their business processes. BPO is allowing a great level of flexibility and quality in the business processes by building a more convenient work structure in an organization.
It is a perfect strategy of profit maximization by adopting a service oriented approach. Companies have the option to choose services according to their requirements without having to implement the entire suite. By outsourcing for different business processes, advantage comes in the form of increased capability, which allows companies to expand their ability in stressing on the core business activities. This makes a clear way for the company to grow financially.
Corporate executives and managers can focus on developing the core business as outsourcing gives them enough time for the same. There are thousands of rupees that can still be made, saved and gained by adopting the outsourcing process or relying on smart enterprise processes.
Formulating successful business outsourcing strategies, in collaboration with Gleam technologies, will prove beneficial in increasing the cash flow while decreasing the work load. Gleam technologies projects in outsourcing will help in exploring new revenue streams.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How Does an Ad Posting Job Company Earn revenue?

About Gleam technologies Adposting

There are thousands of online ad posting job provider companies
 Gleam Technologies Neyveli is a professionally managed ISO: 9001:2008 certified Company.  Gleam Technologies Projects are tailored to suit each Client’s specific requirement and integrated to provide end-to-end solution to all over the world. 
Gleam Technologies adpost

What is Gleam technologies adposting job?

"Ad posting job" is a very popular part time job today. It is simply a free classified ad posting work. It is also known as online copy paste work.  A certain ad mater (with a business title and description) will be provided to you to post on different of free classified sites.

How  Gleam technologies adposting  generates income online.

This is done for companies who need to promote their websites & products/services online. If you know how to surf the internet and copy & paste text matter, then you are eligible for this kind of job. If you are considering working online, taking up gleam technologies ad posting jobs would be a nice idea. You certainly won’t become rich, but all the same, these are reliable and rewarding jobs, with which you can very well make a career out of.
As this type of companies are advertising their own business on thousands of free classified sites. So, they are  getting more customer for that. And getting more customer means more money.

Companies will get huge traffic to their website from those classified sites. So, if their website contain ad network like Adsense, then the companies will earn more online revenue from that. Many companies are generating more than INR 4,00,000/- from Adsense.   

Earn online money by joining the best part time income site at Gleam technologies.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

WebHosting Trends

Gleam technologies Webhosting
Here are the key hosting trends this year that every website owner must know about,

Gleam technologies: Security Issues

Website hacks are common among sites that use content management systems (CMS) e.g. WordPress, which 61 percent of websites use. Nearly 41 percent of hacked WordPress sites were hacked through a vulnerability in the web host. To be fair, other CMS like Joomla or Drupal are also targets; WordPress just makes for a good target because of its widespread use.

Gleam Technologies webhosting services and security

Since our inception, we have been creating the ideal hosting experience and platform with one common goal: to maintain a reliable service. Based on our historically robust infrastructure, and our high level of customer satisfaction, we are proud to guarantee a quality hosting experience or your money back. Our secure data centers are monitored 24x7. Fully redundant network architecture with no single points of failure. The speed and performance of our network routes: analyzing and optimizing when necessary.

ICANN allowed the creation of new gTLDs

We’re no longer confined to 22 domain extensions. There are now thousands of possible domain name configurations. and this has big repercussions on business and professional branding. As more gTLDs are released throughout 2015 Gleam Technologies Magnificent services allows you to register domains in various TLDs

Gleam Technologies:Emerging All-in-one website publishing and hosting services

Web hosting companies like gleam technologies are introducing all-in-one subscription-based packages that include both their website publishing software and a hosting plan. As businesses and general users become more aware of services like Square space, the more they will see them as a compelling alternative to self-hosted sites, which might be better left to users with more technical knowhow or resources. Gleam Technologies webhosting provides you all in one services.

Reasons to Select Gleam Technologies For Your Website Hosting And Reseller Account

30 days Money Back Guarantee

FREE Private Name Servers

Free Online Site Builder

FREE Domain Registrar Account

FREE Domain Name.


FREE Cpanel,

Cloud hosting

For large companies the cloud will be the only viable solution for containing the enormous amounts of data they have and for providing the computing power they need. A trend of “Cloud migration” can be expected this year. About 63 percent of organizations already use the cloud for their web presence. Business functions such as communication, revenue generation, product development are also finding their way to the cloud. 94 percent of organizations are already running cloud-based applications or are experimenting with it.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Which should we use, HTML or XHTML, and why?

First, a bit of history

The history of HTML at W3C starts with HTML 3.2, code named Wilbur, which was followed a few years later by HTML 4.0, then HTML 4.01. HTML 4.01 is the last version of HTML, and is also the final W3C specification to define the semantics of markup. From HTML 3.2 to HTML 4.01, the language has improved a great deal, focusing on such issues as: 
gleam technologies adpost

Separation of presentation from structure
Improved accessibility features
Improve internationalization features
Improved document rendering

XHTML1.0 was created shortly after HTML 4.01 to help the transition of hypertext to a new generation of mark-up languages for text. XHTML 1.1 is an additional step toward a more flexible version of hypertext with the full benefits of XML architecture and integration of different technologies. Note that XHTML 1.1 has slighly improved the semantics of HTML 4.01 by including the Ruby module, used in particular languages like Japanese scripts (read the Ruby Specification for more information). For practical purposes, the discussion here will focus on HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0.

Using the right tool for the job

Is there any advantage to using HTML 4.01 over XHTML 1.0? There is no simple answer and the benefits you will gain are tied to how you’re using the language in a given situation.

Switching from HTML 4.01 to XHTML 1.0 brings almost no direct benefits for the visitors of your Web site; still, there are several good reasons for Web authors to make the switch:
XHTML is easier to maintain
XML syntax rules are far more rigorous than HTML. As a result, XHTML makes authors work more precisely, having to address issues such as:
all elements and attribute names must appear in lower case
all attribute values must be quoted
non-Empty Elements require a closing tag
empty elements are terminated using a space and a trailing slash
no attribute minimization is allowed
in strict XHTML, all inline elements must be contained in a block element
In HTML, case, quotes, termination of many elements and uncontained elements are allowed and commonplace. The margin for errors in HTML is much broader than in XHTML, where the rules are very clear. As a result, XHTML is easier to author and to maintain, since the structure is more apparent and problem syntax is easier to spot.
XHTML is XSL ready
As you are probably aware by now, XHTML 1.0 is the reformulation of HTML 4.01 in XML. Therefore, XHTML documents are hypertext documents and XML documents. A powerful technology has been developed at W3C to manipulate and transform XML documents: the Extensible Style sheet Language Transformations (XSLT). This technology is tremendously useful to create various new resourcesautomatically from an XHTML document. For example
You can create a table of contents for a long document
       Get a quick overview of a page by listing its languages and structural outlines! See                    the Semantics extractor for this page, created by     W3C QA Working Group member Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
You can provide a printable version of your documents by using the XSL-FO features of XSL
You can produce an RSS feed directly from your page, check out the QA RSS feed to see this in action
XHTML is easier to teach and to learn
The syntax rules defined by XML are far more consistent than those found in HTML and therefore easier to explain than the SGML rules on which HTML is based.
XHTML is ready for the future
When the new version of XHTML becomes a recommendation, XHTML 1.0 documents will be easily upgradable to this new version, to allow to take advantages of its exciting new features. It’s likely that an XSLT style sheet will be available by then to help you move your XHTML 1.0 (strict) documents to XHTML 2.0 documents. gleam technologies,

Well okay, so what?

Yes, HTML 4.01 is as valuable as XHTML 1.0 in a daily usage. The syntax proposed by XHTML 1.0 has several important benefits. The weight of these benefits has to be evaluated in the context of your project: Use the right tool for the right job. best bpo in tamilnadu
For a Web designer, starting to use XHTML 1.0 will be helpful in some circumstances and will certainly help you to smoothly negotiate the future. XHTML 1.0 gives a wonderful opportunity to learn about XML languages and their possibilities without having to learn new semantics because you’re working with familiar tags and attributes.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Online Form Filling: Easy yet profitable job

Online Form Filling Job is one of the easiest and widely available home based jobs one can have today. As the name itself indicates, it is purely filling up the forms online with the data given such as name, address, age, occupation, annual income etc. Online forms can be of different types such as bank application forms, insurance application forms, job forms, mortgage forms, loan forms etc.
The job is very simple. You just need to enter the data carefully without any error. One can easily fill around 50 to 100 forms per day just in 1-2 hours. We, at Gleam Technologies will provide you the job details alongwith the step by step instructions to be followed. You will get the list of online forms and details which you have to input in the forms. Just open each form in the browser or software provided, fill the details correctly and hit the submit button.
You have liberty to fill as many forms as possible in a day and earn accordingly. The best part is that you have your own working time.

Higher the number of forms processed in a day, higher the income per month.

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Gleam Technologies’ bespoke BPO Services

GleamTechnologies Neyvelli specializes in offering a wide spectrum of leading edge services to ensure optimal service experience for customers. Customization is the key to create value for the beyond traditional outsourcing that several companies are engaged in. But we believe in not merely serving the clients what they desire but also execute the tasks in the manner they want it to be.
Companies opt for outsourcing with the motive to reduce their in-house work load at a cost that doesn’t overburden them financially. Owing to this, we bring together the best of breed processes, advanced technological expertise and skilled people to provide world-class customer service while simultaneously reducing the associated costs. We aim to deliver services that not just satisfy but create a delightful experience for the customers.
BPO services of Gleam Technologies are tailored to suit each Client’s specific requirement and integrated to provide end-to-end solutions. Our USP lies in the fact that the services rendered by us are measurable in terms of quality, cost, delivery, and innovation. We are firmly and sincerely committed to providing value-packed online and offline services of uncompromising quality to business and individuals.
Here’s a quick glance at our services:
Data Processing
We cover almost every aspect of Data Processing Outsourcing services. Automatic data processing and information processing can help you keep pace with the challenges of your business. Gleam Technologies BPO is one of the leading providers of data processing services in India.
v Data Entry
Business Process Outsourcing is the delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that in turn owns administers and manages the selected process based on defined and measurable performance criteria. Business Process Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing segments of the Information Technology Enabled Services industry.