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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Business Benefits of Big Data Analytics ny gleam technologies

Gleam Technologies
Big data analytics is a vital tool, which helps companies to study data relating to their clients and the concerning market sector. Big data analytics is used to evaluate huge sets of data to discover data patterns, market trends and customer preferences. A big data boom is on the horizon, so it’s more important than ever to take control of your health information. Gleam Technologies, the best outsourcing company, explains how big data analytics plays an important role.
·         Big Data also helps companies to make well-informed decisions regarding their business operations by enabling them to manage and access large volumes of transactional data. Thus, businesses have the opportunity to drive innovation and to make the most advantageous decisions based on these data results.
·         It also helps them to know that how satisfied their customers are with their products and services.
·         In many cases, the information acquired from this data has immensely benefited the companies. It has allowed the companies to adapt their products, services and marketing strategies as per their customer’s preferences.
·         Traditional means of managing huge volumes of data can be uneconomical. Big data analytics makes things easier by performing advanced data processing and analysis at high speeds. This makes the process more measurable and flexible for operators.
·         Big data tools help you to find out the internal threats faced the company. It ensures that sensitive information, including credit card credentials; clientele data, sale and purchase report etc. are stored according to company standards.

·         Real-time big data assists the companies to epitomize the look and feel of their content and website in real time to match customer’s needs. For example, where online advertising is concerned, a company can personalize an ad for different audiences depending on their customer persona profiles. 

Monday, 26 September 2016

Easy ways to make money with home-based typing jobs by Gleam technologies

gleam technologies
Gleam Technologies

In the present times of feather-light laptops and hi-speed wifi connectivity, a feasible source of income, such as home typing jobs is increasingly in demand. The options for home typing positions are abundant, from writing manuscripts for authors and preparing reports for business houses to copy-pasting the transcriptions for lawyers and doctors. Gleam Technologies, a trustworthy name involved in Outsourcing Projects to companies and individuals, talks about easy ways to make money; anytime, anywhere!
Why home-based typing jobs are such a hit:-
  • Flexible working hours: You can manage the project according to your convenience to meet deadlines. Increased flexibility with time offers the freedom to also pay attention to other important commitments.
  • Complete autonomy: There wouldn’t be any boss keeping a constant check on each of your moves. As long as your focus remains on completing the project successfully on time, you’ll be good to go.
  • Work from anywhere: Online typing jobs allow to you virtually work from any part of the house, the city or the country. Your location isn’t any constraint. What is important is that you must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection to work on the assigned task.

  •  Low investment: Unlike regular office-based employment, typing jobs from home involve no travel expenses. Also, there is a fairly low investment required on equipment, such as a computer and internet access.
How to make money from home-based data entry jobs?

Data entry is a simple, straightforward job of entering data in a computer. It involves easy tasks, such as filling a spread sheet’s cells with the data collected from a PDF, or researching the internet to gather certain information and save it in a document.

The basic requirements for undertaking a data entry project are:
  1. Spare hours in a day
  2. Access to computer
  3. Internet connection
  4. Basic knowledge of English grammar
  5. Decent vocabulary
  6. Good typing speed
  7. Familiarity with the MS suite (MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint)
It is always advisable to contact authentic and reliable firms to get started with home-based data entry or typing jobs. This ensures that the work-from-home projects are 100% legitimate and free from scams. Gleam Technologies Neyveli offers legal and genuine online typing jobs to anyone who wants to earn extra income by just investing a couple of hours in a day. Visit www.gleamtechindia.com to explore a vast array of convenient and high-paying online jobs, such as post card writing, HTML typing, Ads posting, and much more.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Some trendy software development tools by gleam technologies

Gleam Technologies
Gleam Technologies
The popular saying goes that software is eating the world. Today, software development has completely transformed the overall industrial and business setup. From manufacturing to automotive and banking to healthcare, there is no industry where software isn’t leading the way. With major market players entering the IT space, consistent developments and movements on the software front are inevitable. Gleam Technologies Neyveli, one of the best software development companies, spots the latest trends that are expected to drive software development forward for a long time to go.

Mobile wave: Development of responsive web and mobile-friendly updates continue to be in high demand. Moving offerings, products and services to native mobile applications is the need of the hour for virtually every business. With desktop Google searches lagging far behind than mobile searches in countries like Japan and United States, the mobile wave is expected not to subside soon.

Cloud computing: A majority of businesses, today, are using cloud computing in some capacity. Heavy investments are made by electronics manufacturers to create gadgets outfitted with software compatible with the cloud. With cloud computing, employees from the same organisation can easily access a piece of information via varied electronic devices. It simplifies tasks related to the management of in-house operations as well as coordination with customers.

Containers: With the ever-growing computing environment, steps in the demand of Containers. It is a great solution that promotes reliable running on software while moving between varied computing setups. It helps in spinning up tests, staging and production. Unlike conventional bare-metal hardware, Containers are convenient to use and help in speedy decrease in IT overhead.

Internet of Things (IoT): Connection of multiple electronic devices with internet, clouds and servers gives rise to IoT. It makes exchange of data amongst smart devices extremely convenient. With each passing day, developers are introducing upgraded solutions for users to maintain effective communication with their equipment, devices and gadgets.

Security and privacy: Increased connectivity demands better security software for effective protection of latest technologies. Also, online privacy is an area that requires a lot of attention. For example, protection of personal information and confidential banking credentials must be the priority for any software development business model.

Gleam Technologies offer reliable and competitive Software Development Services all across India. We have a team of IT professionals who specialize in working on platforms like PHP, Java, .Net, and so on. Visit www.gleamtechindia.com to know more about us and our services.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Five tips to find the right software development company

Gleam Technologies
Scouting the right developer for bespoke mobile & web software projects is not a cakewalk. There are many challenges that come in the way such as time constraints, budget and technical proficiency. It is, therefore, imperative to look for an expert to undertake software projects for successful accomplishment of organizational goals. From best to worst, the options are many. The choice you make defines the prospects of your software project.

Gleam Technologies Neyveli, a government-certified software development firm, lists a few essential tips to find the right provider for customized software services.

ü  Document your requirements precisely: Define your business’s needs and goals clearly before searching for a software development company. Consider all the technical requirements, time frame, post-development needs and budget beforehand.

ü  Getting referrals for providers is always better: Talk to the folks in your social and professional circle about their experiences with varied software development service providers. You may get some potential referrals to fast-track the process of selecting a reliable developer.

ü  Flip through catalogs: Business catalogs are a great way of exploring expert software service providers with proven track records. They usually carry all the necessary information about the company’s profile, rank and reputation. Also, you can read about the previous experiences of clients to ensure you pick the right one.

ü  Choose a professional software developer: Do not just choose a developer who appears to be good with computers or passionate about technology. Getting your software project customized might involve a huge capital. Make sure you rely on a professional and experienced software company. Explore and investigate as much as you can to find a competent developer who can serve you with innovative business-focused applications.

ü  Developer’s communication skills matter: The developed business-focused software cannot function smoothly unless there is good communication between you and the software developer. Technical skills for building an application are significant, but not the only criteria you must look for. Cooperation, teamwork and personal communication play a major role. Continuous communication, discussions, questions and frequent updates from the developer’s side will ensure timely completion of your business project.

If you are looking for a first-rate software development company, Gleam Technologies would be an ideal pick. Our technical experts work on each client’s specific software needs and provide best solutions for effective results in real-time basis. Visit
www.gleamtechindia.com/ and get cost-effective assistance on outsourcing, website designing and technical support.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Data Base management System By Gleam Technologies

gleam technologies
Gleam Technologies

Gone are the days when organizations followed the conventional computer file approach for processing and management for applications/programs. Now, it has been replaced with Database Management System (DBMS). With DBMS, users can conveniently extract, store and modify data in the database. Some of the most common DBMS examples are flight reservation systems, automated teller machines, computerized library systems, hi-tech inventory systems, and so on.

DBMS has numerous promising advantages to offer. Gleam Technologies Neyveli, a leading provider of IT services, business solutions and outsourcing, lists some of them:

Restricted unauthorized access: DBMS offers absolute data security. Only authorized parties can use or manipulate the data. Unscrupulous individuals will have zero access to the database. Thus, it significantly helps in avoiding breach of company’s confidential information.

Superior data accuracy: Multiple versions of the same data cause confusion. Any changes done in the data at a particular site or a specific file must be updated throughout all the sites; otherwise it will provide conflicting or incorrect information. Therefore, a properly-designed and maintained database is crucial to ensure that the data is not misleading or inconsistent.

Controlled data redundancy: DBMS assists organizations to store all the data at a common location. All authorized users can access the data from this single location. Therefore, when the records are updated, there is no need to make changes in different locations. It could be done only at a single point, thus reducing data redundancy marginally and saving unnecessarily-consumed storage space.

Enhanced data sharing: DBMS is centralized. The users who have the authority to access the data in an organization can share or manage files in the DBMS. Also, multiple users from different sites of the same setup can use or share the data at the same point of time. The data can also be shared across different application programs simultaneously.
Improved data integration: With centralized DBMS, an organization can set a standard for different applications at varied levels like departmental, national or international. This standardization of data in the database with multiple tables helps in easy retrieval and renewal of information, anytime and by anyone.

Easy access to better-quality information enables the end users to take valid, defined and timely decisions. Also, it helps organizations to implement highest standards of precision and efficiency in their business modules for steady survival in today’s constantly modifying global economy.

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Software Development Outsourcing Firm

Gleam Technologies neyveli
Gleam Technologies Neyveli

Software Development Outsource is the need of the hour for numerous flourishing as well as established organizations. The reason being a host of benefits it offers like enhanced efficiency, technical expertise and saving of time. However, it is often said that the most important single aspect of Software Development is to be clear about what you are trying to build. And with the obligation of having such clarity, comes the responsibility of choosing an expert.
With the financially-draining consequences apparent, no firm can afford to hire an incompetent service provider for outsourcing the required pieces of IT. So if Software Development Outsourcing is one of your concerns, the following ‘Due Diligence Checklist’ is a must-read for you.
Here are some of the significant questions that you need to ask the service provider before striking a deal.
What is your company’s total professional experience?
The outsourcing vendors who have been in the business since decades can promise effective results. Their experience, expertise, matured delivery processes and coordination with clients become the backbone of timely project completion.
Tell us about the technical expertise of your team?
Get well-acquainted with the expertise the team before hiring any Software Development Outsourcing Firm. Other than the technology used by the firm, the knowledge of its team members regarding special software languages like ASP.Net, C++, C#, Java, etc. is extremely vital for the success of your project.
What technical certifications do you possess?
Ask for technical certifications from the outsourcing vendors before making any investment. Put forth questions to get an overview on how active they are in the tech community and whether they undertake regular trainings, research projects, critical discussions, and so on.
What Communication Plans do you follow?
It is imperative to choose an outsourcing firm that follows an open, transparent and on-going communicative approach. Question the vendors about their in-house communication plans as well as the methods used for establishing communication with the clients. Outsourcing service providers must have clearly-defined plans for weekly status meetings, monthly meetings, daily communication, escalation processes, etc.
Can you provide the contact details of your current or previous customers?
The testimonials of previous customers can tell a lot about the reputation of the company and the quality of the services offered. Therefore, ask for details regarding the current or previous clients to ensure the unhindered success of your software development project.

Gleam Technologies is one such Government Certified Company that is involved offering the highest-grade Software Development Outsourcing Services. It is a reliable Offshore Outsourcing Company in Neyveli that offers great deals on your investment. Log on to http://www.gleamtechindia.com and choose from a wide range of affordably-priced IT services.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Top 6 Benefits Of Out Sourcing

Top 6 Benefits Of Out Sourcing


Globalization has resulted a great influence on economy, many firms are enforced to gain a competitive edge by reducing their costs, optimizing efficiency, and rendering great customer service. So how about the idea of doing that in a limited time? If you are seeking a precise solution then outsourcing or offshore development is your gateway to success. Many companies owe their success to outsourcing software development as it reduces the in-house costs while allowing the companies to focus on their core competencies.

In a dynamic technological world, it is improbable that your in-house team will be able to design an entire spectrum of technical software. So it is a judicious decision to outsource a few of your functions while keeping intact your business operations, states an expert from Gleam technologies Neyveli

gleam technologies outsourcing..!!

  •  Cost Effecient

Outsourcing is a major tool which allows the company to cut expenses by reducing workload on the staff. Outsourced labor may perhaps cost 70% less than the same labor operating in-house in a developing country like India, predominantly for low-level tasks. You don’t have to make any Huge investment, which makes development projects much more striking.
  •       Saves Time

Software development consumes comparatively less time when experts are working on your applications continuously, so you can launch your product in market more promptly than your competitors can.
  • Lack of Internal Experience

When the in-house resources of the company are not sufficient to globalize its trade, Outsourcing software development brings new scopes to operate a business worldwide. Business applications become more sturdy and systematic delivering excellent performance.
  • Flexibility

When you contract out, you don't have to shed your precious time recruiting, training, and housing employees for short-range projects.
  • Focused Strategy

Outsourcing software development streamlines the overall business processes. It provides a focused approach to gain a competitive advantage in this technology-driven era.
  • Risk Mitigation

You can tone down risks by appointing an outsourcing firm that promises a high-quality project management system and a tested process for developing applications. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

ERP: A Blessing for the Corporate World

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is undoubtedly one of the most cutting-edge software-solution that is contributing in strengthening the field of business application. An ERP software solution makes every effort to simplify and assimilate all the procedures, developments and data flow in a business organization. In easier words, it can be said that ERP systems executes every task with the sole objective of integrating the all the divisions of an organization in order to make it a very transparent framework.
 Experts from Gleam Technology explain that an average ERP would try and use many different modules of computer software as well as hardware in order to accomplish its objective. The central benefit of almost every ERP system is assimilation of the entire database to store data for the various system modules.
It is worth noticing that a number of business organizations all over the world have accepted the fact that in a vigorously changing business world, it is quite problematic to generate and ensure a custom designed software set that would accomplish all their needs and requirements. Consequently, after realizing and accepting this fact maximum of the business organizations have started taking the support of the ERP software system and as per the recent facts and figures, the majority of the organizations feels that ERP system has essentially proved to be useful for them.
 Now it might have been a bit clearer to you that an ERP solution has profuse benefits, but you also need to know that the exact advantages depend largely upon the nature of organizations that it serves. Experts say that the basic advantage of ERP system is to unify the working system of an organization. This action helps in simplifying the entire working system of the company. Each and every benefit of ERP solution curls up to this one major benefit only and this is the sole reason of the worldwide popularity gained by this innovative system.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Top web design trends 2016

Web Designing trends keep on changing and the chief reason behind it is the dynamic nature of this particular field. New trends keep on coming after every few months and it can be said that not many trends can hold their place for a long time. Most of the trends get obsolete as soon as new technologies and innovations come into existence. Experts from Gleam Technologies say that 2015 has been a remarkable year for the professional web designers and now the year 2016 is probably going to get even better. Read on to the latest web designing trends:
·         Subtle Animation
Gone are the days when over the top kind of animation elements used to rule the minds of web designers across the globe. Now is the time for creative yet subtle animations. A simpler animation helps in providing a classy look to the website and therefore the preference has shifted from loud animation to subtle animation.

·         Emphasis on functions rather  than looks
If you are a web designer then you must be clear about one thing and that is to keep your focus only on improving the functional aspects of a website. Stop utilizing your time and energy on working on the look of a website that you are designing. Yes it is true that the web design must be appealing but the more weightage must be in the matter of functions. There is no use of an extremely attractive website it doesn’t function properly. 

·         Clever use of Videos

You can make a website interesting by adding a video to it. Use your imagination and find out effective ways to make an informative video that can keep the clients engaged while they are going through a website. Avoid videos in case you think that it wouldn’t be of much use. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Web designing outsourcing benefits

While working on web design, you have two options to choose from- you can either appoint an in-house operator or you can outsource the required services to a professional marketing organization. Experts from Gleam Technology say that the second option is undoubtedly an economical alternate that offers an extraordinary quality product. Here are a few explanations in favor of outsourcing web design:
  • ·         Cost-savings

This is one of the most imperative factors for the majority of the business organizations. Well, it is a sure shot fact that in totality you just seek for a professional web design that comes to you at a rational cost. Outsourcing web design is far more economical than paying the wages of an in-house operator. So in case you want to cut down these expenses, then the best option is to go for outsourced web design. You can be assured of the quality also because the companies make sure to provide flawless outsourcing services.
  • ·         Excellent communication

When you start to outsource web design, you get a chance to express your views about the kind of site you want in order to fulfill your business requirements. The web design must match the views and ideas represented by your company. This way it becomes easier to get connected to your target audience in a more effective manner.
  • ·         Improved web design

A proficient marketing agency can surely enhance your web design. The quality would surely be much better than the work done by random employees of the company.
  • ·         Translation

In case you want to work in the domestic market, only then this feature might not be of much use for your business, but if you have plans to enter the international market then these companies can also help you to translate the content of your website in a proper way.