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Monday, 13 July 2015

Website designing: a tool to promote your business

Ecommerce, nowadays, is on the rise. So having a website for your business has become quite essential. Undoubtedly, website is an interface between you and your target audience. It enables to reach a large number of audiences at a single click and helps to mark your presence at the global front.
Broadly, designing a website includes formation of different web pages interlinked to one another. Websites are further classified under two categories namely static and dynamic design. While the Static web design is entirely based on HTML coding, the Dynamic website design is assembled with finer and advanced technologies as per the information given in the database. The entire look and feel of the website should be such that it immediately entices the visitor. The content of the website should be informative and attractive.
The website should always be designed by professional web designers who have the knack for designing website by putting forward the best of their skills. This builds a suitable gateway that converts most of the visitors into eventual buyers.

Leave all your website designing and maintenance concerns to Gleam Technologies, the best Website Designing Services provider in Neyveli. By opting Gleam Technologies you can avail unmatched facilities like %100 Responsive Layout, HTML5 / CSS3 / JS, Rich Layout Options, Web Hosting Account, 1 Year Service Agreement and more. The different areas of web design include interface design, web graphic design, standardized code, authoring etc. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Software development: the bequest of science

Software development relates to the computer programming, testing, documenting, and fixing bugs while creating and upholding applications and their frameworks implicated in a software release cycle which later turns into a software product. Rightly stated, that the success of every business relies on the speed with which it adapts the advantage of technical development in the concerned field. Software development is all inclusive of execution of a systematic approach, characterized in the engineering archetype. Deployment starts right away once the code is fittingly tested, permitted for release, and sold or else distributed into production settings. The entire process engages the customization (by setting parameters to the clientele values), installation, testing, and maybe an extended time of evaluation.
Software development processes involves several activities, particularly the following:
·         Requirements Analysis
·         Specification
·         Software architecture
·         Implementation
·         Testing
·         Documentation
·         Training and Support
·         Maintenance

With the emerging popularity of software development, Custom software development has also come into being. Custom software development is concerned with developing software in accordance with the specific prerequisite of client. Custom software is just what client necessitates and it sets well into all expectations of client for expanding the business.  Gleam Technology is reckoned as one of the leading software development service providers in India. It develops all sorts of software in diverse platforms such as Php, java, .net, etc., with database management as per the client’s requirement.