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Monday, 26 September 2016

Easy ways to make money with home-based typing jobs by Gleam technologies

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Gleam Technologies

In the present times of feather-light laptops and hi-speed wifi connectivity, a feasible source of income, such as home typing jobs is increasingly in demand. The options for home typing positions are abundant, from writing manuscripts for authors and preparing reports for business houses to copy-pasting the transcriptions for lawyers and doctors. Gleam Technologies, a trustworthy name involved in Outsourcing Projects to companies and individuals, talks about easy ways to make money; anytime, anywhere!
Why home-based typing jobs are such a hit:-
  • Flexible working hours: You can manage the project according to your convenience to meet deadlines. Increased flexibility with time offers the freedom to also pay attention to other important commitments.
  • Complete autonomy: There wouldn’t be any boss keeping a constant check on each of your moves. As long as your focus remains on completing the project successfully on time, you’ll be good to go.
  • Work from anywhere: Online typing jobs allow to you virtually work from any part of the house, the city or the country. Your location isn’t any constraint. What is important is that you must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection to work on the assigned task.

  •  Low investment: Unlike regular office-based employment, typing jobs from home involve no travel expenses. Also, there is a fairly low investment required on equipment, such as a computer and internet access.
How to make money from home-based data entry jobs?

Data entry is a simple, straightforward job of entering data in a computer. It involves easy tasks, such as filling a spread sheet’s cells with the data collected from a PDF, or researching the internet to gather certain information and save it in a document.

The basic requirements for undertaking a data entry project are:
  1. Spare hours in a day
  2. Access to computer
  3. Internet connection
  4. Basic knowledge of English grammar
  5. Decent vocabulary
  6. Good typing speed
  7. Familiarity with the MS suite (MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint)
It is always advisable to contact authentic and reliable firms to get started with home-based data entry or typing jobs. This ensures that the work-from-home projects are 100% legitimate and free from scams. Gleam Technologies Neyveli offers legal and genuine online typing jobs to anyone who wants to earn extra income by just investing a couple of hours in a day. Visit www.gleamtechindia.com to explore a vast array of convenient and high-paying online jobs, such as post card writing, HTML typing, Ads posting, and much more.

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